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[20.02.15] Italy: Bari in Apulia region
[15.02.15] Istanbul: autumn compilation
[15.02.15] Kiev: autumn aerials
[15.02.15] Kiev: autumn compilation
[12.01.15] Greece: motor-boating around Meganisi
  [12.01.15] Greece: Lefkada mountains
[12.01.15] Greece: Lefkada island beaches
[07.10.14] Russia: some of Moscow
[07.09.14] Russia: nature of the Tver region
[05.09.14] Russia: Rostov-on-Don
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San Francisco: Lombard Street :: Picture #8
Georgia: church town of Mtskheta :: Picture #8
Timisoara: the forgotten cable :: Monument with an absolutely great inscription - "to the glorious Romanian warrior, who fought against bolshevism and fascism for independence of the Homeland". Having minimal knowledge of WW2 history it's possible to say that an inscription "for bolshevism and fascism" would be correct as well. The guys are just optimistic. Whatever.

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