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29 Sep 2001 :: Mixing several sorts of finest Moldovan wines appeared to be not only a bad manner. It's also not good for health. Tried this yesterday I felt unwell today in the morning.. But ok. I'd like to tell about new impressions I got. Today for the first time in my life I used a washing machine... [ more.. ]

26 May 2006 :: There is a famous parody singer in America called Weird Al Yankovic. A couple of years ago, when my friends introduced me to his works, the first thing they showed me was a parody video for the old rap song "Gangsters' Paradise". Yankovic's remake of the song was called "Amish Paradise"... [ more.. ]

03 Aug 2004 :: According to the tradition, there is a guy on the Romanian wedding called "nash". He's a rude or a friend who pays for everything. That's why each 2nd song was dedicated to the "nash". This time I also extended my knowledge of the wedding terminology... [ more.. ]

[ 30th Jan 2001 ] Brand new news system | 2 comments | leave a comment

I couldn't help programming today even despite of my illness. So, I've wrote pechkin - a template-driven news system in C++ that allows users to add comments. Administrator can add news items, etc. And it doesn't require any RDBMS! It's all organized into directories and files. Maybe after a period of testing and documenting I'll release it to the public.
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