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[24.05.02] cheers, Slavs!
[14.05.02] mountains. mice. squirrels
[22.04.02] spring sketchings
[15.04.02] evil
[08.04.02] ktools examples
  [04.04.02] irc
[01.04.02] centericq 4.6.9
[26.03.02] black-metal fun
[26.03.02] motor 3.2.2
[19.03.02] cooler and statistics
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20 Sep 2003 :: Finally, the long-awaited move happened. Now I'm in a big city where you can find a lot of houses, streets, shops, shit, clubs, females, computers, homosexuals, backstreets, money, cesspits and architectural masterpieces... [ more.. ]

20 Jun 2003 :: Like the rest of progressive mankind, the brain-grinding mega-resource finally got its own network, which in the nearest future is to cover the whole planet. The network is called the konst, and from registration of domain name it started counting its days... [ more.. ]

30 Dec 2002 :: On the other hand, those who believe in a pure and crushing people's anger, which can appear without someone's help, should think about the fact that shortly before the events of 13 years ago, at one of their meetings, Gorbachov and Mitterand discussed the topic of Romania, and even, according t.. [ more.. ]

[ 8th Apr 2002 ] ktools examples | leave a comment

Finally, after receiving many requests about examples for ktools, I've put out the refreshen archive of the library. If you don't know, ktools is a text user interface library which is used in centericq, motor and groan. All of the examples reside in the examples/ file, where every function demonstrates usage of a single TUI control.
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