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Random photos
Brandenburg: wakeboarding in Velten :: Picture #7
Sardinia: Nuraghe Su Nuraxi in Barumini :: Picture #5
Florida: Clearwater beach :: Picture #17
Egypt: Wadi el Rayyan national park :: Picture #22
A trip to Bicaz, June 2002 :: Mountain climbing, almost on the top of a mountain near Piatra Altarului.
Shots taken on trips to different locations :: Israel, the central park of the city of Rishon Lezion. January 2001
Konst: new appartment, assembing a sofa :: Cutting the cover of the matress.
Konst: new appartment, assembing a sofa :: Second half.
Konst: new appartment, assembing a sofa :: It works!
Egypt: around Hurghada and Luxor :: Picture #3
Germany: Rügen island, Baltic sea :: Picture #12
Chemnitz: former Soviet millitary base :: Picture #13
Spreewald: Lübbenau and Lehde :: Picture #2
Austria: Zillertal arena skiing area :: Picture #25
Thailand: Krabi province, Tiger Cave temple :: It's very hot and humid on the stairs.
Kiev: mix :: Konst.
Russia: along the road, Kuvshinovo :: Picture #1
NY-2004: travel to Kharkov :: Konst's real face. That's what everyone says about this photo.
short Transylvanian trip: Baia Mare and Dej :: A small beton mixer and yours sincerelly.
Berlin: boating the Spree river :: Picture #67
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100 facts about Konst

1.  Full name: Klyagin Konstantin Nickolayevich.
2.  Born on the 27th April 1981.
3.  Place of birth: Kharkov, maternity hospital no. 13.
4.  Height 176 cm, green eyes, fair-haired.


5.  My father is a painter and my mother is a philologist.
6.  I have no brothers or sisters.
7.  I am Russian by nationality. Like all my ancestors from the visible past. I don't think it's a big deal though.
8.  Some think I may be Jewish for some part. It's not true.


9.  I studied 9 years of arts school. Fine arts.
10.  During the school and at the beginning of the university I acted in theatre performances. I liked it.
11.  At the elementary school I studied piano, then percussions.
12.  I hold MS from Kharkov State Polytechnical University. Faculty of physical engineering, applied mathematics.
13.  When applying for the uni I was thinking about going to journalism. Didn't go there.
14.  I went to school one year earlier (at 6, in the same form with those of 7) because I hated sleeping in the day at the kindergarten.
15.  Having learnt to read in the first form (not before school), I wass reading as quickly as pupils from the 4th form.
16.  I have never been an excellent student.
17.  I disliked olympiads and competitions at school.
18.  In the 11th form I took part in two regional olympiads on programming. I went there because of university admissions privileges.
19.  I won the 1st and the 3rd places there.

Work and Computers

20.  I'm playing around with computers since I was 8 years.
21.  I like my profession.
22.  There are many things in my life besides computers.
23.  I have been working on speciality since 17.
24.  I started to work for the police department. I promised myself not to work for the state eversince.
25.  I work for living and don't live for working.
26.  The first computer I saw was a 286. In parallel was playing around with ZX Spectrum.
27.  I got my first computer when I was in the 5th form. It was a 386.
28.  I know 12 programming languages.
29.  Moving from Pascal to C took me 3 days.
30.  In order to get a clue with PHP only 5 minutes were needed.
31.  At the age of 15 I started developing a program that then became quite popular. It was a BBS software package called Tornado.
32.  I developed it till 1998.
33.  Since then, I started to develop something on my leisure, each time I was feeling inspired. Usually it's Open source software.
34.  My motivations are: my own comfort, publicity plus working with technologies that I found interesting.


35.  I believe only in what I can see and can touch.
36.  The good is what I like, and the evil is what I hate.
37.  It's difficult for me to get addicted to something.
38.  Maybe that's why I am not a gamer.
39.  I agree with the expression "The more languages you know the more times you are a human".
40.  I don't tolerate illiteracy.
41.  I believe that there are fortunately not much serious moments in life.
42.  So I prefer not to lose time thinking on every trifle.
43.  I am cynic and realist.
44.  Deep inside my soul I am romantic. Usually that's not seen.
45.  I wrote poems.
46.  I don't idealise anyone. We are all just humans.
47.  I like money, but not mad after them. It seems to be mutual.
48.  I believe doing what one likes is more important than money.
49.  Fortunately, my favourite occupation makes good money.

Everyday Life

50.  Wherever I am I prefer to have access to the e-mail.
51.  I feel a small discomfort when being without mobile phone.
52.  I prefer to live on my own in a separate appartment.
53.  I rented my first appartment when I was 19.
54.  I don't smoke.
55.  I don't like cooking, washing and cleaning.
56.  I don't have any negative emotions about carrying out the trash.
57.  My food preferences are potatoes, meat and seafood.
58.  I eat bread only with first dishes and in sandwiches. There is no hang, I'm just used to.
59.  I like sweets.
60.  I'm sceptic about vegetarianism.
61.  I like dark beer.
62.  My favourite strong drink is tequila.
63.  I prefer sweet wine.


64.  The expression "Sex rules the world" is most likely true.
65.  I like beautiful ladies, i.e. first of all I appreciate the appearance.
66.  The face features of a girl must be noble.
67.  A girl must have breast.
68.  I don't like girls that smoke.
69.  Once I was implied in a relationship that lasted for 3 years.
70.  Among my friends there are homosexuals.
71.  I don't care what they do in the night.
72.  I don't believe in the sexual equality.


73.  I am an extrovert.
74.  I am active.
75.  I am cheery and communicative.
76.  I don't like making vast plans not having enough resources to bring them into life.
77.  I am considerate to my relatives and friends.
78.  I prefer real-life contacts rather than virtual.
79.  In spite of this, I have several good friends who I never saw in the real life.
80.  The best way to make me hate something is to try to impose it on me.
81.  I did underwater swimming for several years.
82.  Besides Russian, I know English, Romanian and Ukrainian. I can read, talk and write quite freely. I also publish articles in them.
83.  I like nature.
84.  In the childhood I wanted to become a biologist. I was collecting butter-flies, examined water from the pool in microscope and was subscribed to "Young naturalist".
85.  I was also subscribed to "Young technician".
86.  I like vulgar jokes and black humour.
87.  I know a lot of such jokes.
88.  During the last two years I haven't heard any joke about leutenant Rzhevsky (there are many vulgar jokes with him in Russian) that I wouldn't had heard before.
89.  I have a very good memory.
90.  Gambling doesn't turn me on.
91.  I go to bed late. Late in the evening my activities begin.
92.  I don't like sleeping. Going to catch up some when I'm dead.
93.  I like travelling.
94.  I'm light on my feet. I can leave for a trip in a half an hour after making a decision.
95.  I like heavy music, from hard-rock to black-metal.
96.  I don't take interest in football or boxing.
97.  I get angry when someone doesn't understand me.
98.  I can make clear and understandable explanations. But only once.
99.  On the second explanation I get nervous, and on the third I feel like murdering rather than explaining once again.
100.  Incredible! Someone has just read it to the end.
The author has no responsibility for this facts not according with someone's opinions, guesses, stereotypes or wishes.

Born on: 27 Apr 1981
Place of birth: Kharkov, Ukraine
Current location: Berlin, Germany

Favourite computer games: Quake, StarCraft
Favourite real life games: Paintball
Favourite reading: Clifford Saymack, Stanislav Lem, Strugatsky bros., George Orwell, Omar Khayam
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